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For comparison to FSX default/UTX and Orbx
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Posted by Pete A (G-SPCA)
Mar 21, 2010
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Author Topic: New site functionality  (Read 845 times)

Andy Parish

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New site functionality
« on: Fri, 04 Apr 2008, 14:23:22 »
The more observant amongst you - at least those that come in through the portal rather than coming directly to the forums - will have noticed a change on the front page of the site.

Towards the top on the left hand side, there's a new block called "Forthcoming Events" that lists the next 3 events listed in the "Events" board on the forum. At the moment, all that's in there are group meetings, but we may well expand this list to include shows and other events of interest to all. Clicking on the date in that block will take you directly to the forum post in which you should find all the detail you need.

This has been introduced in direct response to the suggestion that some of you had at the meeting about not being able to see "at a glance" when the next meetings are. So... we are listening, and we're developing the site to meet your needs!

You don't have to wait until a group meeting to raise things like this though. If there's something you'd like to see on the site, start a new post on the "Suggestions" board!