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Posted by Mac@Bath
Jun 09, 2013
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Author Topic: Online flying, the server and funding  (Read 1980 times)

Andy Parish

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Online flying, the server and funding
« on: Wed, 15 Apr 2009, 08:54:31 »
In last month's meeting at the Barn we gathered all online flyers that were known to us in the kitchen to discuss the problems that we had been experiencing with the Linux FSD server and how best to move forward. The upshot was that it was agreed that we should revert back to a Windows based server; the same as we used for the initial FSHost tests and a week of FSD based tests.

A suitably specified Windows server currently costs 25+VAT per month and after a discussion about the relative merits of adopting either a Subscription or Donation based funding strategy, the later was agreed upon. Immediately 70 was donated by people present, almost enough to cover 3 months of rental. Thank you to those who've donated.

We have implemented a Blue Peter style Totaliser on the website that shows how much money is in the system and when it will run out. If at any point there are insufficient funds when the server next needs renewing the totaliser will show orange, but we will renew it anyway at which point the totaliser will show red. If the costs are not recovered, i.e., the management is subsidising the facility, we will not renew again and the online server facility will be lost.

Although we are running a donation system please remember that if you don't donate anything you are reliant on the generosity of others and if no one donates the system will disappear.

If you wish to make a donation and can't make the Sunday meetings to make one in person we will be setting up a Paypal account but you can also send money through other means. Andy is paying for the service so it's probably best to PM him for some details.

Remember the server is there 24/7, and provides TeamSpeak and Online Flying to members. Please use it.