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EGNC after Lake Disrict flight
GA Flight July 1st . EGNC to EGNH. Parked at Blackpool.
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Posted by Mike C (G-XTWM)
Jul 02, 2010
in Flight Simulator Screenshots

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  • October 2017 Meeting: Sun, 22 Oct 2017

Author Topic: Sunday 22nd October 2017 BFSG Meeting at Lincombe Barn, Downend, Bristol  (Read 155 times)

Andy Parish

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The meeting starts at 10am.

If there is more information to share, it will appear here.

Pete Allnutt

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This has crept up quickly, I guess as the last meeting was a week late, but I was going to come the following Sunday until someone mentioned it last night. So don't be silly like me, get the correct Sunday ;)
Pete Allnutt
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