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My rig based on 737NGX
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Posted by pwaller
Jan 17, 2015
in phils pics

Author Topic: AI Liveries  (Read 354 times)


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AI Liveries
« on: Fri, 03 Jun 2016, 12:12:14 »
Hi Guys

I am pleased to report that Air Greenland AI Model is now available on Google Drive for Vpilot users.

If there are any diehards like me still using FSInn just send me an email requesting the AI Model and I will send the file to you.

Many thanks to Phil for accepting my artwork.   ;D
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Re: AI Liveries
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 03 Jun 2016, 14:24:55 »
Sorry, but.....a legitimate, and serious question.
Does a (any!) Dash 8.....with a 'one-off' livery actually fly, or behave, any differently?   Any different procedures? 
New liveries every week?  New ICAO identifiers...every week?
And what if ALL of that week's fliers do NOT update their .vmr files??
HOW does this actually help our controllers?
If you ALL try to fly in Air Greenland colours, isn't that exactly the same as ALL flying in the default FlyBee ....or Jazz... livery?
Or all of us using British Airways?   Or even the FSX default 'Airwaves'?
Using a specific "Virtual" airline livery - every week - does, in my humble opinion, have some (personal) logic....and, indeed, pride.
And it would even seem to stretch credulity if different 'localised' D8 liveries are used during this Group's "Around the World" adventures.
Doesn't it simply - eventually - make the file-matching system as large and clogged up/sluggish as the old IVAO one?  More OOMs anybody??
Just askin'.....


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Re: AI Liveries
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 04 Jun 2016, 09:08:13 »
I've asked Andy to move this to a different thread as it it is a reasonable discussion.

Good rant Barry.  To answer some of your questions

The liveries installed in our vpilot package number less than 100 compared to 1000's in the free and payware packages available.  I don't think a few more will cause any problem.  The aim of the vpilot package is to get people not so familiar with vpilot rules to get going with a basic set of liveries and aircraft types.  Anyone can create or remove the rules as they become more familiar with how it works and eventually may wish to create their own AI package.

The base livery for the dash is a flybe.  This is so if someone logs on as a D8 in an airline not supported by our rule set, you will at least see the correct aircraft type in a reasonable livery.  I've done that with other types like the B777 where you will get a BA 777 if the airline is not recognized.  If you don't update the rules then you always have a fall back livery.

TC created a new paint job for a Dash and so I added to the vpilot package.  Personally I would prefer to see correct liveries taxing around and there is no extra hit on your system than if you saw a baron taxing around.  However if you don't want these extra liveries simple delete from you system.  The same goes for new aircraft such as the F27 we recently added.