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Week 48 - On the apron at Hong Kong
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Posted by Andy Parish
Apr 30, 2009
in Fly-in Photos

Author Topic: Regional group - Contacting approach and Teamspeak etiquette  (Read 371 times)


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Hello Regional pilots

    Great flight last night over some stunning scenery into a challenging airfield.  A reminder to casual followers of this group - we are not now restricted to Dash 8 operations.  If you want to fly with us in a different type of aircraft, please feel to join us.  We only ask that the aircraft you fly can complete the route in IFR conditions, in the 2hrs we are online and can get into and out of the airfields planned for the route.

   Some points I would like to raise

1.  Approach controller.  I've noticed that generally pilots are contacting approach well before the controller has landed and often when they are on approach.  Remember the controllers are flying as well and often have to warp to keep ahead.  We cannot warp on approach and having to continually hit pause to talk to an incoming pilot spoils the approach.

     I suggest a new procedure to add to the approach.
                   a.  The approach controller/planner puts a 'do not proceed point' in the approach ATIS.  Pilots will assume to hold at this point until directed to proceed by UNICOM.
                        Might make UNICOM a bit more interesting.
                   b.  The approach controller does not move to the approach TS room until they have landed.  Changing to this room indicates they are ready to receive incoming
                   c.  Please give the approach controller time to get away from the departure airfield.  Don't start requesting clearance whilst the arrival controller is retracting his
                       undercarriage.  The approach controller needs at least 15mins clearance.   

Thoughts please.

2.  Teamspeak etiquette - something we are all guilty of.  Other groups may have different policies and this is not aimed at any other group or person.

    a. During a Regional fly in, when in a departure or arrival room, radio communication is limited to messages between pilot and controller.  This will be from when the Tower opens at around 7pm until the last pilot lands at the arrival airfield.  Pilots in the air must always have priority if you are not talking to ATC. Please limit chat to essential relevant quick questions.  For anything else - pop into an empty room. 
    b. The departure controller leaves generally before the tower is open.  Please give them radio priority when they request their instructions and respect their enjoyment of the
    c. We encourage technical questions regards the fly in outside the Tower hours, however if you've got technical questions outside of the scope of the fly in 'PC' problems for
        example', please wait until entering UNICOM before requesting help.  Be aware not everyone may be able able to help or understand the problem so consider quickly changing to an empty room.  Respect that pilots may only be able to fly once a week so it may be better to quickly arrange a more convenient time  as required.

Hopefully this is seen as a friendly reminder

Thanks for your attention