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Posted by Pete Allnutt
Dec 11, 2011
in Christmas 2011

Author Topic: Fly-in Server  (Read 1935 times)

Andy Parish

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Fly-in Server
« on: Wed, 03 Sep 2008, 09:06:42 »
The problems with disconnections from the fly-in server that were experienced last week every hour or so should have been resolved through a rebuild of the server from the ground up which should keep us going for a few weeks.

Please note that a consequence of this appears to be that the fly-in server is reported as being off-line when it is in fact on-line. A quick way to check that it is available if you're expecting it to be (normally Thursday afternoons and evenings) is to click on the bfsg.game-host.org link in the "Fly-in Server Status" box on the right; if the server is online you'll see a status page, if not you'll get an error!

When time permits I'll see what I can do about fixing this.