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Posted by TimCee
Dec 18, 2009
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Author Topic: Finding Your Login/ID Number  (Read 1037 times)

Pete A (G-SPCA)

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Finding Your Login/ID Number
« on: Tue, 10 Jul 2012, 20:07:02 »
Everyone has a unique ID. This ID is based on your forum user ID. To see this, click on the Profile menu button on the forum menu near the top of a forum web page, and then hover over Profile Info in the smaller menu which appears, and click on Summary at the top of that menu. Note that if you choose the Summary menu item which drops down from the main forum menu, this will not work!

If you look at the URL in your browser's address bar (very near the top of the browser window) it will look something like this below.

You need to look for the u= in that URL. If you can't see a u= click in the address bar and scroll the test using the right cursor until you can see it.

The number after the u= is your unique forum ID and this is used in the FSInn and TeamSpeak configurations, you'll see mine is 1. Add your ID to 100000 to get your FSInn and TeampSpeak login ID ( do not use comma's to separate into 100,000 ).

For example if your line says u=42, your FSD ID you enter is 100042.
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