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Thursday nite mob on 30th july at Bristol
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Posted by MYK956 (RIP)
Jul 31, 2009
in Sunday nites

Author Topic: Free F-20 Tigershark for FSX from IRIS Simulations  (Read 874 times)

Pete A (G-SPCA)

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Free F-20 Tigershark for FSX from IRIS Simulations
« on: Tue, 06 Dec 2011, 13:13:57 »
Quote from: Product Description
The IRIS F-20 Tigershark is a fantastic new rendition of one of our earliest products. Originally developed back in 2004, this new version of the Tigershark brings with it a brand new look.

Remodelled from top to bottom and featuring brand new flight modelling, audio and a new virtual cockpit, this product has been designed for flat out, full throttle fun!

The aircraft has been designed as a 'what if' product, based around the concept of the F-20 had it gone into service.

See http://irissimulations.com/product-classics-f20.php
Pete Allnutt
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