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Posted by Pete A (G-SPCA)
Jan 10, 2010
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Author Topic: FS Global  (Read 1230 times)

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FS Global
« on: Tue, 16 Nov 2010, 19:36:13 »
Hot of the presses today ( OK E-mail ) is the latest offering from Pilots fsim.net :-

Today we are proud to announce FS Global ULTIMATE.
Part one "The Americas" is due to be released on November 25th 2010. Other continents
will follow in spring 2011.

FS Global ULTIMATE seamlessly fits into your existing FS Global installation of any version.
Alternatively it can be installed stand alone into Flight Simulator X or 2004. After that you
immediately can take advantage of breathtakingly real looking scenery with a resolution of
up to 2 m (LOD14!).
FS Global ULTIMATE - The Americas covers the continents of North- and South-America as
well as Antarctica. Including of course the US islands like Hawaii, etc ... it does NOT replace
FS Global 2010, which will still be availabe for global coverage.
FS Global ULTIMATE - The Americas is priced at EUR 49,99 and available through the
webshop of our website at http://www.fsim.net. Shipping will start on November 25th 2010.

Written into my Xmas wish list already. ::)
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