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Posted by Pete Allnutt
Dec 13, 2017
in picnic

Author Topic: Guidance on Forum Postings  (Read 848 times)


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Guidance on Forum Postings
« on: Wed, 10 Nov 2010, 09:37:19 »
Guidance on Forum Postings

When addressing a topic on the forum, and these are usually either the giving of information, or a request for help, it is essential to confine responses to either acknowledge the information, if necessary, or reply with information to respond to the request for help.

Sadly there is now a tendency for many postings to be liberally laced with what might have been intended as humour, but not received as such by those involved.

I am sure that none of us, meeting in the face to face environment of Lincombe Barn, are discourteous or deliberately seek to give offence. That standard must also apply to our Forum.

Please think before you write, and review before you post.

I, and the other moderators, do not wish to have to remove those parts of postings which could offend others. So be both polite and considerate.

Lastly, I can almost hear a despairing groan from those who take delight in posting in what they see is a witty and humorous way. We all love humour do we not? but it is also true that not all intended humour is seen in that way by those involved.

So let us treasure this Group for what it achieves and for what it means to us.


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