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Posted by FTL562
Feb 04, 2009
in Real and FS Stuff

Author Topic: Use of usernames  (Read 1634 times)


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Use of usernames
« on: Thu, 08 May 2008, 11:48:33 »
I recently failed to identify the name of somebody who posted on our site. Whilst this is no big deal, I believe that because we are a small group, we should be able to put a name and face to anybody who posts.

I have to accept that I dont' post with my name, however, I make the assumption that by putting my photo above "JayBee" and being fairly closely associated with the group on our Sunday meetings - you know who I am  ;D

I think that we will ask members to post their name until we get to know them

PeeDee need not reply to this!!!  :) But I bet he will

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