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Posted by FTL562
Jul 21, 2009
in Real and FS Stuff

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Airlines Fly-ins / Commercial Jet Airlines - Week 9 - Thursday 27th February 2020
« Last post by Marcus on Mon, 24 Feb 2020, 12:12:47 »
WEEK 9 27th February 2020
Kabul Hamid Karzai Intl, Afghanistan (OAKB) or departure of your choice (****) to Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl, India (VIDP)

Posted on behalf of Tim.  This week we start our journey in Kabul situated high in the Hindu Kush mountains and which at 5,877ft / 1,790m is one of the highest capitals in the world and travel to the busiest airport in India and South Asia.


Time Hack: 09:00z at 19:00hrs UK local time

Alternate: Jaipur, India (VIJP) 104 nm

Volunteers wanted for controlling:

Kabul Tower
Kabul Departure
Lahore Centre Unicom
Delhi Centre
Delhi Approach
Delhi Tower First Arrival

If possible, book in no later than 21:00 UK local time on Tuesday 25th February 2020

A detailed Spreadsheet will be sent to all pilots on Wednesday 26th February 2020

Online Times:
Wednesday Flight 12:50hrs UK local time
Thursday Flight 18:30hrs UK local time
GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 25th.02.2020 Floro to Orland AB
« Last post by Dimsimmer on Mon, 24 Feb 2020, 10:35:15 »
Pilot Andrew Bromley
Callsign G-ANDY
Aircraft Bonanza
Thanks Andy
Boxed and in near new condition - includes DVD, Interlink transmitter and manuals. There is a later version but this one includes aeroplanes, helicopters and sailplanes. Just plug into a USB port on the computer and you are off. Rather harder than our type of Flight Simulators but great fun. 45
Thanks Sam - I fixed the link for you  ;)

Warning - this is a 193Gb download! But worth it  :o

X-Plane / Season. Winter X-P 11
« Last post by SAM G-BMSF on Thu, 20 Feb 2020, 17:13:56 »
GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 25th.02.2020 Floro to Orland AB
« Last post by Mike C (G-XTWM) on Wed, 19 Feb 2020, 13:51:25 »
Pilot: Mike C
Call sign: G-XTWM
Aircraft: Aero Commander 500S

Controller for the flight.

GA Fly-ins / GA Flight for 25th.02.2020 Floro to Orland AB
« Last post by Mike C (G-XTWM) on Wed, 19 Feb 2020, 13:35:26 »
GA Flight for 25.02.2020
Floro to Orland AB (Norway)

Another trip in Norway, we have been chartered to take tourists and some service personnel (from Orland) to different islands in this lovely part of Norway.

Use something suitable for taking a few passengers, and give them a pleasant flight.

Assemble on the apron at Floro, where the tower will open at 7:30pm when your sim should be set for 1400hrs.

ATIS Charlie: Wind 340 10 gusting 15knots. Cloud 2/8cu 6000-9000ft. Temp 2C Turbulence moderate. Vis 20miles.  QNH 1013Mb. 

Controlled departure.

ENFL Floro elev.37ft. rwy.25 1196m.asphalt.

ENOV Hovden elev.243ft. rwy.06 950m.sphalt. NDB HN 389KHz

ENAL Vigra elev.69ft. rwy.25 2233m.tarmac. ILS/DME 25 111.95MHz 247M.

ENML Aro elev.10ft. rwy.07 2052mtarmac. ILS 07 109.70MHz 073M. NDB MO 258.50KHz.   

ENKB Kvernberget elev.204ft. rwy.07 1835m.tarmac. ILS 07 110.10MHz 073M.  NDB BRS 371KHz.

Report Orland AB Control at 30nm.

ENOL Orland AB elev.28ft. rwy.33 2980m.asphalt. ILS/DME 33 108.30MHz 334M. TACAN ORL 111.40MHz.

Controlled arrival.
GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 18.02.2020 Cooking Lake to Maidstone
« Last post by g-bobb on Tue, 18 Feb 2020, 19:26:58 »
p  bob barry
cs g-bobb
ac  baron b58
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