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Posted by hillspeirs (RIP)
Aug 09, 2009
in Fly-ins

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GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 27.04.2021 Gulkana to Ted Stevens Anchorage
« Last post by Len854 on Wed, 21 Apr 2021, 19:34:06 »
Pilot : LEN854
Aircraft : DA62
Call Sign : G-OLEN
For Sale / Wanted / Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant 50
« Last post by kiremonger on Wed, 21 Apr 2021, 19:11:59 »
Hi All,

I've recently upgraded to the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, so am selling my Saitek Yoke and integrated throttle quadrant.

I've upgraded the yoke by adding a BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller which increases the sensitivity/fidelity of the aileron and elevator; I've also added 3 simple push button switches to the front - blue, black and red buttons to increase the usefulness of the yoke.

When you connect the yoke you get two devices show up:


The 'Saitek Pro Flight Yoke' operates as normal, but DOES NOT control the aileron or elevator axes.

The 'BU0836A Interface' operates the aileron and elevator axes and the three push buttons on the front.

The Throttle Quadrant connects to the yoke via a round PS/2 mouse-type connector and is managed and controlled through the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke.

I used FSUIPC to map axes and controls to the yoke.

If you wish, you can disable the 'BU0836A Interface' by pressing 3 toggle switches on the back which return the aileron and elevator axes to the Saitek yoke. This essentially returns the yoke to factory default.

yoke 2
yoke 2

Extra push buttons:

yoke 3
yoke 3

Overall view:

yoke 4
yoke 4

Rear view:

yoke 5
yoke 5

This is in excellent condition.

I live in Easton-in-Gordano in Bristol and am happy to deliver in person in the Bristol area, if that helps.

I'm not too interested in the money for this, although I'm asking for 50 as I think that's what it is worth, but more important is that it goes to a good home as it works well and has lots of life left in it.

Meanwhile I hope the BFSG meetings can start again in the next few months; would be great to see everybody.

My news! I'm now flying again; during lock-down I bought into a PA-28 syndicate aircraft at Gloucester airport - https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/registration/G-BKCC I'm now fully checked out and have my Single Engine Piston rating back, so happy to take people up if they wish.

Feel free to contact me through BFSG, or telephone 07951 725187 or email keith.iremonger@kitcnet.net

GA Fly-ins / GA Flight for 27.04.2021 Gulkana to Ted Stevens Anchorage
« Last post by Mike C (G-XTWM) on Wed, 21 Apr 2021, 15:11:51 »
GA Flight for 27.04.2021
Gulkana (PAGK) to Stevens Anchorage (PANC)

(Flight plan courtesy of Pete Norton)

Tonight we are in Alaska and will be picking up a party that have been on an expedition to scale Mount Drum. We are returning them to Anchorage to catch their connecting flights home and along the way we will be dropping off the local guides from the area as well.

 All distances and headings will be on your charts when you have entered the flight plan.
Tower opens at 7:30pm UK time when your sim should be set for 1800hrs.

ATIS Kilo: wind 190 @ 16 knots gusting 20. Clouds 3/8 Stratus 5,000-13,000ft. Temp 4C (39F). Vis 20 miles. Turbulence medium. QNH 1010 mbar.

PAGK Gulkana elev.1,578ft. rwy.14 1,520m. Asphalt.

Z14 Tazlina elev.2,450ft. rwy.13 274m. Gravel.

PASP Sheep Mountain elev.2,750ft. rwy.05/23 692m. Gravel.

OAK6 Victory elev.1,800ft. rwy.11 518m. Dirt.

PAAQ Palmer Muni. elev. 242ft. rwy.16 1,826m. Asphalt.

PANC Stevens Anchorage elev.152ft. rwy.14 3,522m. Asphalt.  VOR ANC (H) 114.30 MHz, ILS 14 111.75 MHz - 140M

Controlled Arrival call for Arrival Information before 15 miles DME
Pilot:                              Phil                             
Airline:                           BAW322
Callsign:                         Speedbird322           
Aircraft Type:                  A320
Departing                       HAAB
Gate                               TBA
Flight Level:                    FL330
Cruise speed:                  M0.78
Pilot:                              Keith                             
Airline:                           United
Callsign:                         UAL626           
Aircraft Type:                  B738
Departing                       HAAB
Gate                               TBA
Flight Level:                    FL310
Cruise speed:                  M0.78
GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 20th April - Without any mountains!!
« Last post by Chris Nolan on Tue, 20 Apr 2021, 17:59:02 »
Pilot:   Chris Nolan
Callsign:   G-CRIS
Aircraft:   King Air 350
GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 20th April - Without any mountains!!
« Last post by Dimsimmer on Tue, 20 Apr 2021, 16:24:43 »
Pilot Andrew Bromley
Callsign G-ANDY
Aircraft  Bonanza

Colin Controller available
GA Fly-ins / Re: GA Flight for 20th April - Without any mountains!!
« Last post by Morrisman on Tue, 20 Apr 2021, 12:06:49 »
Pilot       : Alf D
Call Sign : G-OALF
Aircraft :   Cessna Citation
        (If I can get MSFS to run, having install/loading problems)
           Cessna Soloy in P3D4
Pilot                      Dave
Airline                   Virgin Atlantic
FSInn Callsign        VIR 19 HEAVY
RT Callsign            VIRGIN 19 HEAVY
Aircraft Type          B/772
Departing              HAAB
Flight.Routing        As Brief
Gate                     TBD
Flight Level            FL370
Cruise Speed          M0.84
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