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Gloster Javelin FAW Mk.9
From time to time an image of a Javelin pops up with the message "For Ollie". The colours seem wrong to me and this one, by Mike Stone, is much nearer the way it still looks in my memory.

I flew the Javelin with No.228 OCU at RAF Leeming and with No.25 Sqn at RAF Waterbeach and have every Javelin f…
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Posted by Ollie Alderson
May 23, 2009
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. . same one !
This Spit Mk 11 (I think . . it's a PR Mk9 version!) was flown in by its' owner thats him on the left - Peter Teichman . . this is the same guy who had the unfortunate incident in a Hurricane the other day. Still a very nice man !
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Posted by Nickh
Mar 17, 2009
in Aviation
2008 apr 1 004
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Posted by FTL562
Feb 24, 2009
in Real and FS Stuff
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2008 apr 17 003
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Posted by Wycliffe
May 21, 2008
in Wycliffes FSX Images
2008 apr 4 009
 Views: 613
Posted by Wycliffe
May 21, 2008
in Wycliffes FSX Images
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2008 jan 31 017
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Posted by Wycliffe
Feb 24, 2008
in Wycliffes FSX Images
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