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Somewhere to share all those screenshots you've taken and were wondering what to do with. Please add comments to your photo that say what it is, and if it's an add-on, what the add-on is.
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Photos that were taken with a camera rather than a "Print Screen" button.
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These images have been recovered from the old Yahoo groups site. The album names have been retained.
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Images relating to items or services for sale to members.

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My new setup
 Views: 859
 Comments: 1
Posted by Norman
Jan 01, 2001
in Normans Album
New setup 2
 Views: 764
Posted by Norman
Jan 01, 2001
in Normans Album
Zoom Details 1
Old Mandeville Airfield NZ
 Views: 514
 Comments: 1
Posted by David Pace
Dec 11, 2001
in Aviation
Monarch 757
 Views: 516
 Rating: 4.88
Posted by FTL562
Jun 28, 2007
in Aircraft
Mark finds time to actually fly!
 Views: 1142
Posted by Andy Parish
Feb 22, 2008
in November 2007
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 Views: 785
Posted by Andy Parish
Mar 12, 2008
in VFR Snowdon GenX Scenery (FSX)