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Mombasa to Dar Es Salaam Route Trace
Trace of my route overlaid on the flight plan, courtesy of PLanG
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Posted by Pete Allnutt
Oct 05, 2012
in picnic


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Posted by hillspeirs (RIP)
Aug 09, 2009
Brum 1
Three of us initially at Birmingham. Ollie parked on quick-concrete I think and has sunk a bit ;)
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May 30, 2008
Brum 2
Ollie has just started his take-off roll while Ian taxis to the active
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May 30, 2008
Ready to depart
Most of us ready to depart Heathrow to Bristol
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May 30, 2008
UFO #1
I had a plane erratically flying around me near Colerne (top left) You can see the spurious AndyP below my right wing.
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May 30, 2008
UFO #2
Spurious AndyP can be seen to the left while you can just make out he has already landed!
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May 30, 2008
Fly-in - Week 1
A portrait of the participants of the inaugural BFSG member fly-in. Taken on the ground at Bristol after we'd all successfully found our way there from Heathrow.
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Posted by Andy Parish
May 29, 2008
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