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Some other Australian Scenery
As some of you indicated you only had Orbx Blue get the full FTX Australia as the Red Centre and tropical North and Temperate South regions all have stunning colours representative to the terrain climate and vegetation across Australia. Here is one of Alice Springs used also with OZx 3.3 showing the…
 Views: 406
Posted by Ross VH-RJF Australia
Mar 25, 2011
in Scenery


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Climbing Away from pretty Woss
B58 Baron climbing away from CAK4 Woss Airfield on Vancouver Island. X-Plane 11.20 with orthographics
 Views: 175
Posted by Simmo
May 06, 2018
Chipmunk taking on Mount Snowden
A GA flight over the Welsh hills in a struggling DHC1 :)
X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP scenery.
 Views: 221
Posted by Simmo
Mar 22, 2017
No possibility of getting lost!
A few miles out of Phoenix I came across this desecration.
I guess Americans don't think their road signs are good enough.
X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP
 Views: 196
Posted by Simmo
Feb 15, 2017
First out of Phoenix
GA flight from KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl to KPRC Love.
On Valentines Day 2017
Cruz PiperSport stuffed with Roses and Champagne.
X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP
 Views: 190
Posted by Simmo
Feb 15, 2017
No Skiing Here!
Flying too close will probably start the avalanche.
Alaska X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP scenery
 Views: 194
Posted by Simmo
Feb 08, 2017
Alaskan highlight
On the way to Juneau Intl. keeping a wary eye on the big rocks. X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP scenery and Carenado C340.
 Views: 179
Posted by Simmo
Feb 08, 2017
Guatamalan Volcano run 2
Over Volcano Santa Maria elev. 12375ft (I think)
 Views: 198
Posted by Simmo
Aug 04, 2016
Guatamalan Volcano run 1
Taking off from La Aurora International
 Views: 201
Posted by Simmo
Aug 04, 2016
Flight over Patagonian Volcano
After leaving Canal Bajo SCJO and climbing to 9000 I flew over this dead? volcano.... I think it's dead.... Oh No!.... Fly, fly away!
 Views: 208
 Rating: 4.88
Posted by Simmo
Jul 20, 2016
Duke B60
 Views: 214
Posted by Mendip Mike
Apr 16, 2016
Leaving Vancouver
 Views: 211
Posted by Mendip Mike
May 06, 2016
GA Flight for Tuesday 03.05.2016 Albenga to Caumont
Over Ventimiglia, Italy
 Views: 217
Posted by Simmo
May 04, 2016
GA Fly-In Debrief at Bodo, Norway
 Views: 233
Posted by Simmo
Apr 21, 2016
Down safe at Maricá, Brazil and ready for debrief
 Views: 225
Posted by Simmo
Apr 13, 2016
On Final to Aeroclube Nova Iguaçu, Brazil
GA Fly-in X-Plane 10.45
 Views: 221
Posted by Simmo
Apr 13, 2016
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